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Listed on the Main Board of Singapore Exchange in September 2004, Eucon Holding Limited ("Eucon") has a history that dates back to two decades ago. Since its humble beginnings in 1988 as an outsourced mechanical drilling facility in Taiwan, the company has evolved rapidly over the years. Specifically, Eucon expanded its service range to include laser drilling for High Density Interconnect PCBs ("HDI PCBs") in order to cater to a broader market. To further complement its existing services extended to customers, the company provides routing services and manufacturing of multi-layer PCBs found in sophisticated end products e.g. handsets, laptops and wireless communications.

Today, the Group is an integrated PCB service provider and a LED-related lighting products manufacturer. Its suite of PCB solutions being mechanical drilling, laser drilling, routing and PCB manufacturing are provided through its six plants, 1 located in Taiwan and 5 in Shanghai, China. Known for our strong technical expertise and high quality services, especially in precision drilling services, the Group's customers include major suppliers and manufacturers of PCBs in Taiwan and Shanghai. Whereas LED-related lighting production is currently carried out in its Taiwan plant.

The Group's products and service offerings include:
PCB Manufacturing
Laser Drilling Service
Mechanical Drilling Service
Routing Service
LED-Related Lighting Products

In Taiwan, LGANG Optronics Technology Co., Ltd ("LGANG"), is one of the largest independent laser drilling service providers in Taiwan. LGANG offers high precision and accuracy laser drilling services for PCB manufacturers.

In China, the Group has dedicated 2 of the plants in Shanghai to handle the entire process of PCB manufacturing. Shanghai Zhuo Kai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd ("Zhuo Kai") handles outer-layer PCB manufacturing, while Shanghai Eu Ya Electronic Technology Co., Ltd ("Eu Ya") focuses on mass lamination production. The rest of the Shanghai plants are equipped with mechanical drilling and routing machines to handle both in-house demand from PCB operations and external customers. They are Shanghai Zeng Kang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, Shanghai Yaolong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd and Shanghai Lian Han Xin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

In Singapore, a wholly owned subsidiary, Emerging Technology Pte. Ltd. which is trading in nature was incorporated in August 2012.