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We believe that the following are our competitive strengths:

  1. Strong technical expertise in providing outsourced drilling services, given our track record for more than 20 years and one of the pioneering laser drilling services providers for PCB manufacturers in Taiwan. Employing advanced techniques and equipment, we are able to achieve drilling precision up to 0.1mm diameter on laser drilling and able to produce up to 12 layers on multi-layers PCBs. Relentlessly, we continued to improvise on drilling services' expertise to keep up with the ever-changing technology environment and meeting customer's expectation.

  2. Established customer base, consisting of leading PCB manufacturers in Taiwan and Shanghai. Majority of our customers are our repeated customer whom we have established longstanding customer relationships over the years.

  3. Offerings of complete turnkey solutions which enhance our relationship with our customers. Our 5 Shanghai plants offer a suite of services for PCB manufacturing, which include production of inner-layer boards and outer-layer boards, mechanical drilling, laser drilling, routing and mass lamination. By offering drilling, manufacturing and routing of PCBs as an integrated process, we can better serve our customers' needs.

  4. Experienced, dynamic and closely-knit management team led by CEO and Executive Chairman, Mr Wen Yao-Long, who has been in the business for more than 20 years. His in-depth knowledge and business network within the industry are invaluable to our operations. The management team, with an average of more than 10 years of experience in operations and finance industry, actively participates in regular discussions to better improve the business operation.

  5. High barriers to entry for our industry. With China's emphasis on environmentalism and land rental rates gradually increasing, it is harder for new entrants to establish factories in Shanghai, where majority of our plants are located. Being one of the more established players in the industry, we have built strong partnerships with customers who are willing to support the Group. In addition, we are constantly improvising on our ability to efficiently manage and provide quality services. PCBs also require significant capital resources and technical know-how. Therefore, it is not easy for new entrants to compete with us on price or quality.

  6. Focus on maximising cost-efficiency in our operations so as to enhance our profit margins. Notwithstanding our constant effort to improve on our technical expertise, we constantly review our production processes in order to increase our equipment-efficiency.

  7. Strong research and development team. Research and development has been and will be a focus by the Group. Our research and development team works on both our existing business as well as sourcing for new business opportunities.