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Our history can be traced back to 1988 when our Chief Executive Officer, Mr Wen Yao-Long, started the business of providing outsourcing mechanical drilling services to PCB manufacturers in Taiwan. Over the years, we have expanded our coverage to include the Shanghai-Jiangsu region in the PRC and added routing services to meet the demand of our customers. In 2001, as multi-layer PCBs emerged for products such as laptops and mobile phones, which required more precise and accurate drilling, we became one of the first companies in Taiwan to offer outsourced laser drilling services to our customers. Today, we have six manufacturing facilities spread across Taiwan and Shanghai, providing laser drilling, mechanical drilling, routing and PCB manufacturing.

Although we were originally known as Zeng Kang Enterprise Co., Ltd., we restructured and incorporated in Singapore a private limited company under the name Blue Aurora Pte Ltd on 1 December 2001. We subsequently changed our name to Eucom Holding Pte Ltd on 25 September 2002 and to Eucon Holding Pte Ltd on 7 October 2002. The restructuring exercise was undertaken to rationalise the Shanghai structure, to consolidate the principal activities of our Group as wholly-owned subsidiaries under Eucon Holding Pte Ltd and to prepare for listing on the SGX-ST.