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  • The Group incorporated an associated company, Petron Co., Ltd in Taiwan under LGANG with 50% shareholding, primarily engaged in provision of services for machineries.
  • Established Emerging Technology Pte. Ltd. in August 2012 with trading in nature.
  • Shanghai Eu Ya obtained ISO14001:2004 certification in July 2007
  • Shanghai Zhuo Kai obtained ISO/TS - 16949:2002 certification in July 2007
  • Shanghai Lian Han Xin commenced operations in January 2007 and obtained ISO9001:2000 certification in June 2007
  • Eucon entered into an agreement dated 12 June 2007 with HongTa Innovation Partners Co. Ltd ("HongTa") to facilitate an investment by Hong Ta and to streamline the structure of the PRC Subsidiaries, with a view to future fund raising exercises and a potential listing of Shanghai Zhuo Kai
  • The Group established the 6th production plant, Shanghai Lian Han Xin in August 2006
  • Eucon listed on the Main Board of Singapore Exchange in September 2004
    IPO Price $0.20
    Issues 8.6x subscribed.

  • Established Shanghai Eu Ya in March 2004 and commenced trial production in December 2004
  • Shanghai Zhuo Kai began commercial production with one production line in January 2004 and obtained ISO 9001: 2000 certification in September 2004
  • Acquired Shanghai Zhuo Kai in August 2003
    With PCB manufacturers migrating to support multi-layer PCBs, we acquired Shanghai Zhuo Kai
    at Xuhang Industrial Park, Shanghai City, PRC in August 2003 to meet the demands of our
    customers who wish to outsource the manufacturing of single and double-layer PCBs.
  • Shanghai Yaolong obtained ISO9001:2000 certification in October 2002
  • Established Shanghai Yaolong to provide mechnical drilling services as well as routing services in March 2001
    Established Shanghai Yaolong in the Jiading District, Shanghai City, PRC, to meet the increasing demands of our customers in Shanghai. Shanghai Yaolong provides mechanical drilling services as well as routing services. For greater efficiency, we then repositioned Shanghai Yaolong to service customers in southern Shanghai whilst Shanghai Zeng Kang now services customers in northern Shanghai.
  • LGANG commenced laser drilling services with 2 machines in January 2001
    Management recognises the need for more advanced drilling services as a result of product sophistication, LGANG commenced laser drilling with two machines. By providing laser drilling, we were able to expand our service range from single and double-layer PCBs to multi-layer PCBs, such as HDI PCBs.
  • Shanghai Zeng Kang received ISO9001:2000 certification in September 2000
    In March 2000, we began providing routing services at Shanghai Zeng Kang as an additional service to our customers. Shanghai Zeng Kang obtained ISO9001:2000 certification.
  • LGANG awarded ISO9001:2000 certification in April 2000
  • Increased orders prompted a move of operations from Ba De City to Chung Li Industrial Park in July 1999
    Increasing orders lead to a capacity constraint at LGANG, we moved our operations from Ba De City to Chung Li Industrial Park and acquired an additional 20 mechanical drilling machines as part of our expansion plans. In the same year, LGANG commenced its provision of routing services.
  • Established Shanghai Zeng Kang in March 1999
    With many of our customers relocated their manufacturing operations from Taiwan to northern Shanghai, we established Shanghai Zeng Kang in the Jiading District, Shanghai City, PRC to remain close to them and to take advantage of the increasing demand in the region.
  • Established LGANG (Formerly known as Taiwan Zeng Kang) by Chief Executive Officer, Mr Wen Yao-Long
    Our Chief Executive Officer, Mr Wen Yao-Long, established Taiwan Zeng Kang to provide mechanical drilling services to PCB manufacturers in Taiwan. Taiwan Zeng Kang started operations from a 700 sq m factory located in Taoyuan County, Ba De City with 20 mechanical drilling machines and provided mechanical drilling services on single and double-layer PCBs.