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Eucon manufactures single and double-layer counts PCBs as well as multi-layer count PCBs up to 12 layers. These PCBs are supplied to some major manufacturers whose target markets are the higher end HDI PCBs (also known as High Density Interconnect Printed Circuit Boards). End applications for these PCBs include wireless communication products, laptops, personal entertainment organizers and automotive components. We will continue to adopt new technologies in line with the latest trends to cater to the increasingly sophisticated needs of the end-user.

Our edge is our ability to provide total integrated solutions including drilling, manufacturing and routing of PCBs. Our PCB operations are carried out in Shanghai Zhuo Kai, while our second plant Shanghai Eu Ya specialises in the production of laminate boards for PCBs. Our two plants offer facilities such as outer-layer, inner-layer PCB manufacturing and mass lamination.