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Our key business segments can be categorised as follows:

1. Mechanical drilling;
2. Laser drilling;
3. Routing; and
4. PCB Manufacturing

Depending on its design and functional complexity, a PCB ranges from 1 or 2 layers for consumer appliances such as air conditioners, to 6 to 12 layers for communication devices such as mobile phones. To facilitate electrical connections within these layers, small holes plated with copper are drilled through them. We provide mechanical drilling services to produce these holes, using advanced Computer Numerical Control ("CNC") drilling techniques, at our Shanghai Yaolong and Shanghai Zeng Kang facilities.

The new generation of multi-layer boards, known as High Density Interconnect ("HDI") PCBs, requires even tighter pitches and higher hole-density counts. Furthermore, manufacturing requirements have become more stringent, as the tolerance level decreases and the depth of the hole varies across a single PCB. In order to meet these new demands and requirements, HDI PCBs require even greater precision drilling which only laser drilling machines can provide as they are more precise and more efficient due to the use of light. We are one of the pioneer companies in Taiwan to offer laser drilling services to PCB manufacturers. Laser drilling services are also provided at Shanghai Zhou Kai.

Routing is also a process which many PCB manufacturers outsource to third parties. Recognising the value in providing additional services, such as routing, we have been providing routing services for our customers since 1999.

Our facility, Shanghai Zhuo Kai, currently produces up to 12 layers PCBs. This facility allows us to offer a complete turnkey solution to PCB manufacturers, most of who are migrating upstream to focus on HDI PCBs. By offering drilling, manufacturing and routing of PCBs as an integrated process, we can better serve our customers' needs. The synergy enables us to strengthen our presence in the PCB industry and reduce external reliance on any specific business segment.