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Country of Incorporation Singapore
Date of Listing Sep 08 2004
Issue Manager Eucon is an outsourced service provider of precision drilling of printed circuit boards (”PCB”) for PCB manufacturers in Taiwan and Shanghai, China. It provides mechanical and laser drilling, as well as routing services to its customers. It also manufactures single and double-layer PCBs for its customers, who are moving upstream to provide high-density boards for products such as mobile phones and laptops.
Offer Price SGD 0.2000
Amount Raised SGD 30.400
IPO Cap 114000000
1st Day Closing Price SGD 0.1900
Against Offer Price
Premium / (Discount) $
SGD -0.010
Closing Price as
at Prev Trade Date
Market Capital as
at Prev Trade Date
Trd Dt. Against Offer Price
Prem. / (Discount) $